How to Apply Wallpaper Like a Pro

Applying wallpaper is one of the best ways to refresh the look and feel of your interior. From chic to dramatic, you can choose from a myriad of colors, patterns and designs to express your personal style. It can also conceal dirt and blemishes along your walls better than paint, making it a more cost-effective option.


To completely enjoy its wonderful benefits, it’s important to hang it properly. All it takes is having the right tools and great attention to detail. Handyman Connection® of Knightdale shares three simple steps:

Clean and Prepare the Surface

First, you need to wash your walls with a sponge and mild soap, and then sand away the blemishes. This helps make the surface smoother. If there are uneven areas, fill them with drywall compound using a large putty knife. Let them dry for a day, and sand them again. You may then remove the dust using a damp sponge.

After cleaning, apply primer on the walls with a brush. Use a large putty knife as a paint shield when working on the trim, and then let it dry for two hours before hanging wallpaper.

Make a Guide

Be sure to mark where your seams are going to be on the wall to avoid mismatching patterns. Use a straightedge and level while drawing a guideline to keep it plumb. You may then cut your wallpaper by leaving an extra four inches at the top. For your convenience, always buy extra rolls of wallpaper in case you commit a mistake.

Apply the Wallpaper

Start by reverse-curling the wallpaper to keep it from curling up on itself. You may then spread it out on a flat surface, and apply the adhesive in a figure-eight motion. Fold the ends of the paper in on themselves to have a dry spot to which to hold on. When aligning the paper with your guideline, leave extra inches at the top and bottom.

After hanging the wallpaper, even it out by using a smoothing brush, and cut any excess with a utility knife. Repeat the process until all your walls are covered, and then use a seam roller to flatten the seams. This ensures that your wallpaper firmly sticks to the surface.

The experts at Handyman Connection of Knightdale are always ready to assist you if you need help with hanging wallpaper. Call us today at (919) 701-8009, or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate.


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