4 Chic Bathroom Designs You Should Try Out

The bathroom might be the most forgettable part of the house in terms of aesthetics, but this doesn’t mean you should keep it bare and plain. Although making your bath space look more appealing may be quite a challenge, there are some simple ways you can improve its aesthetic appeal. Handyman Connection® of Knightdale lists four chic designs to try out.

Bathroom Designs

1. Try a Hexagonal Floor Tile Pattern

Switching from plain and bare floor tiles to one boasting a hexagonal pattern is a great way to make your bath space look more elegant at an affordable price. The pattern itself has a visual trick that makes your floor space appear larger than it really is. This is great for smaller bathrooms, and the pattern itself pairs well with almost any neutral-colored wall tile or aesthetic.

2. Blue Is the Warmest Color

No matter what kind of pattern you choose for your floor or wall space, consider a deep blue color palette. Blue is a surprisingly warm color and fits perfectly in a bath space. We recommend choosing really deep colors like the Adriatic Sea color as it establishes a nautical, seafaring atmosphere in your bathroom.

3. Mix and Match Tile Shapes and Patterns

Using two types of tile shapes and patterns is a great way to subtly divide your bathroom’s wet and dry areas. It’s also a simple way to add some depth to your bathroom and is an affordable way to make the space look bigger without actually expanding your room. Just make sure to use the same marble material when you’re installing tiles of varying shapes and sizes to retain uniformity.

4. Same Walls, Same Floors

Using the same color, pattern, and tile for your walls and floor is a great way to establish true uniformity in your bath space. The result is a luxury hotel feeling without the hotel price. Black tile is what we recommend for this bathroom design, but you can use grey or darker color palettes as well.

Handyman Connection of Knightdale can help you pick the best design for your home’s bath space. Fill out our form, or give us a call at (919) 701-8009 for more information on our services.

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